The Intel School

The Intel School in Arusha has a long standing career of excellence. Since 2004 they have scored at least in the 80th percentile of all schools in East Africa based off of their National Exams. This is in part due to their adherence to the Education Curriculum established by the East African Government, but also with their inspiration from the British National Curriculum. Children in the Intel School receive education in Sciences, Arts & Crafts, Social Studies, Mathematics, English and even Physics. Each child is met at his or her own level and is challenged to exceed his or her potential. 

The school was founded by Board Member Mrs. Esther Alexander, and is managed by a Board of 5. Each of the Managing Directors have an illustrious resume including Degrees in Education, Marketing Director, Managing Partner of Auditing Firms, etc. Their approach to education is thoroughly regressing, as they do not allow themselves to be hampered by a curriculum, but rather use it as a platform to launch the children further.

The school year consists of 3 terms that last 3 months each, allowing 1 month break for the children in between semesters, and every student, while in school is expected to follow the School Rules. The school requires a clean and 'smart' presentation at all times, and it demands honesty and chastity from it's students. Earrings, rings, wigs, mobile phones, necklaces and bangles are prohibited, as are smoking and drinking.