Founding Executive Director        Nancy Bushek

Nancy's mission began with her trip to Arusha where she fell in love with the kids. Her background includes training in both the arts and medical field after an upbringing giving back to the community. Naturally, she has found her calling.


Sponsor Relations                  Anne Kennedy

As a Registered Nurse and Oncology Infusion specialist, Anne began her career as a software sales agent for Remedy. "After visiting Arusha my eyes were opened, and never again can I ignore the need".


Marketing Director                          J.D. Kraemer

J.D. has performed as a Web Director for Alcone Company and since 2012, and has joined the Foundation in an effort to enact change you can see.




With 35 years of high-tech experience, Dave has stepped forward to lead the Finance division for Educating Tanzania Foundation. He continues his good work through both the foundation, as well as a ESL literacy tutor.